About Us

Generation Institute for private training was established in 2013 to meet the demand for Kuwaitis and residents of Kuwait by providing internationally recognized training diplomas and certificates, with highest standards.

Generation will assist Kuwait Government and private sector to realise the goals of the Kuwait Government Strategy to build a Kuwaiti workforce that can effectively and efficiently manage the challenges of their future labour market.

Generation programs are designed by highly-experienced professionals.They are designed to equip students with the knowledge, practical skills and the maturity required in the workforce. Generation graduates entering the workforce are job ready. Job readiness is one of the key strengths of Kuwait and its graduates.

Industry and business forums are an important element of the vocational Diplomas. Invited industry guests come to the Institute and address the students to inform them about what working in the industry and business involves.

Generation, in the association with its international affiliates, adopted certain aspects of its training curriculum more in line with the international standards. Generation aspires to provide world class education and training.

Our Vision

Generation will always be recognized as Kuwait’s most effective and respected institute,
providing career, business, education and computer skills.
Our Mission


To the dynamics of the ever-changing market with the most relevant, up-to-date solutions for our clients.


A constant commitment to student success and employability.


Meet each client’s specific requirements through the flexibility and customization of our Integrated Learning System.


Advice and treat each client with care and sensitivity.


Visible and meaningful partnerships with our communities.


The Integrated Learning System to remain the most up-to-date, effective learning process.


To meet the highest standards for quality training products, Service, and delivery.


Opportunity for growth and success.


We will

- Meet your individual training needs.

- Demonstrate a genuine concern for your career success.


Your productivity and marketability.


A high quality learning experience.


In the delivery of superior career, business and Computer skills training.


A warm and friendly learning environment.


Caring, professional and knowledgeable staff.



We believe in providing service to our clients in a timely, effective and efficient manner.


We believe in conducting our business ethically with integrity and confidentiality.


We believe that everyone achieves more when we work together and find out our strengths in a collaborative environment.


We believe in providing employees, clients and stakeholders with opportunity for input on issues that affect them.


We believe in fostering personal and professional growth in a stimulating and supportive environment that recognizes and develops individual talents and skills.


We believe in a work environment that treats everyone with respect, dignity and courtesy.

Positive Work Environment

We believe in fostering a challenging, supportive and enjoyable working environment.


We believe that the way to acknowledging, supporting and addressing people’s needs is through effective, two-way communication.

Our Philosophy

Research shows that the most effective way to learn a new skill is by trying it out three times. Once you have gone over it three times systematically, you are much more likely to retain it long after the training has finished.

Hence, we decided to use this principle extensively in our courses to maximize the skills transfer rate and retention. We call this Try, Practice and Demonstrate.

First give it a try

For yourself and see how far you can go. You may know how to do it or you may fail. In any case, next learn how it should be done based on theory.


It under supervision.

Last, demonstrate

That you have learned the skill.

We think this is simple and elegant method and easy to remember. All courses are based on this principle.

Teaching Methodology

Kuwait teachers use student-centred teaching and learning strategies which actively engage students in their own learning. Instruction fosters the development of a broad range of skills including:

Occupational skills

skills required for performance of work to meet standards of performance agreed by an industry or profession.

Industry skills

skills and knowledge that would enable a worker to understand and appreciate the impact of their work in relation to the industry sector or profession and its role in Kuwait economy.

Essential skills

enabling skills and capability required for a worker to be effective and adaptable in the workplace. Essential skills are considered crucial for success in modern business organizations and include: workplace literacy and numeracy, information technologies, self-management, workplace health and safety, problem-solving and decision making, initiative and enterprise.